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Prealgebra 2e

Practice Test

Prealgebra 2ePractice Test

Practice Test


Four-fifths of the people on a hike are children. If there are 1212 children, what is the total number of people on the hike?


The sum of 1313 and twice a number is 19.19. Find the number.


One number is 33 less than another number. Their sum is 65.65. Find the numbers.


Bonita has $2.95$2.95 in dimes and quarters in her pocket. If she has 55 more dimes than quarters, how many of each coin does she have?


At a concert, $1600$1600 in tickets were sold. Adult tickets were $9$9 each and children’s tickets were $4$4 each. If the number of adult tickets was 3030 fewer than twice the number of children’s tickets, how many of each kind were sold?


Find the complement of a 52°52° angle.


The measure of one angle of a triangle is twice the measure of the smallest angle. The measure of the third angle is 1414 more than the measure of the smallest angle. Find the measures of all three angles.


The perimeter of an equilateral triangle is 145145 feet. Find the length of each side.


ΔABCΔABC is similar to ΔXYZ.ΔXYZ. Find the length of side c.c.

Two triangles are shown. Triangle XYZ is on the left. The side across from X is labeled 5, the side across from Y is labeled 10, the side across from Z is labeled 7. Triangle ABC is on the right. The side across from A is labeled 6, the side across from B is labeled 12, and the side across from C is labeled c.

Find the length of the missing side. Round to the nearest tenth, if necessary.

A right triangle is shown. The height is labeled 24 and the hypotenuse is labeled 26.

Find the length of the missing side. Round to the nearest tenth, if necessary.

A right triangle is shown. The base is labeled 6 and the height is labeled 9.

A baseball diamond is shaped like a square with sides 9090 feet long. How far is it from home plate to second base, as shown?

A baseball diamond is shown. It is in the shape of a sideways square. The bottom corner is labeled Home and there is a dotted line to the top corner, labeled 2nd base. The right corner is labeled 1st base and the left corner is labeled 3rd base.

The length of a rectangle is 22 feet more than five times the width. The perimeter is 4040 feet. Find the dimensions of the rectangle.


A triangular poster has base 8080 centimeters and height 5555 centimeters. Find the area of the poster.


A trapezoid has height 1414 inches and bases 2020 inches and 2323 inches. Find the area of the trapezoid.


A circular pool has diameter 9090 inches. What is its circumference? Round to the nearest tenth.


Find the area of the shaded region. Round to the nearest tenth.

A geometric shape is shown. It is a rectangle with a semi-circle attached on the left and a triangle attached on the right. The height of the rectangle, also the height of the triangle and the diameter of the semi-circle, is labeled 4. The base of the figure is labeled 10. The top of the rectangle is labeled 7.

Find the volume of a rectangular room with width 1212 feet, length 1515 feet, and height 88 feet.


A coffee can is shaped like a cylinder with height 77 inches and radius 55 inches. Find (a) the surface area and (b) the volume of the can. Round to the nearest tenth.


A traffic cone has height 7575 centimeters. The radius of the base is 2020 centimeters. Find the volume of the cone. Round to the nearest tenth.


Leon drove from his house in Cincinnati to his sister’s house in Cleveland. He drove at a uniform rate of 6363 miles per hour and the trip took 44 hours. What was the distance?


The Catalina Express takes 112112 hours to travel from Long Beach to Catalina Island, a distance of 2222 miles. To the nearest tenth, what is the speed of the boat?


Use the formula I=PrtI=Prt to solve for the principal, P,P, for:

  1. I=$1380,r=5%,t=3I=$1380,r=5%,t=3 years
  2. in general

Solve the formula A=12bhA=12bh for h:h:

  1. when A=1716A=1716 and b=66b=66
  2. in general

Solve x+5y=14x+5y=14 for y.y.

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