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Prealgebra 2e

Practice Test

Prealgebra 2ePractice Test

Practice Test

In the following exercises, convert each percent to a decimal a simplified fraction.


24% 24%


5% 5%


350% 350%

In the following exercises, convert each fraction to a percent. (Round to 33 decimal places if needed.)


7 8 7 8


1 3 1 3


11 12 11 12

In the following exercises, solve the percent problem.


6565 is what percent of 260?260?


What number is 27%27% of 3,000?3,000?


150%150% of what number is 60?60?


Yuki’s monthly paycheck is $3,825.$3,825. She pays $918$918 for rent. What percent of her paycheck goes to rent?


The total number of vehicles on one freeway dropped from 84,00084,000 to 74,000.74,000. Find the percent decrease (round to the nearest tenth of a percent).


Kyle bought a bicycle in Denver where the sales tax was 7.72%7.72% of the purchase price. The purchase price of the bicycle was $600.$600. What was the total cost?


Mara received $31.80$31.80 commission when she sold a $795$795 suit. What was her rate of commission?


Kiyoshi bought a television set on sale for $899.$899. The original price was $1,200.$1,200. Find:

  1. the amount of discount
  2. the discount rate (round to the nearest tenth of a percent)

Oxana bought a dresser at a garage sale for $20.$20. She refinished it, then added a 250%250% markup before advertising it for sale. What price did she ask for the dresser?


Find the simple interest earned after 55 years on $3000$3000 invested at an interest rate of 4.2%.4.2%.


Brenda borrowed $400$400 from her brother. Two years later, she repaid the $400$400 plus $50$50 interest. What was the rate of interest?


Write as a proportion: 44 gallons to 144144 miles is the same as 1010 gallons to 360360 miles.


Solve for a: 12a=−156512a=−1565


Vin read 1010 pages of a book in 1212 minutes. At that rate, how long will it take him to read 3535 pages?

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