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35.1 Learning from the Past to Guide the Future

Nurses can draw insights from past public health achievements. Nurses have been instrumental in spearheading endeavors to enhance client well-being and medical outcomes and will continue to shape the trajectory of health care.

35.2 Leading Initiatives to Transform Health Systems to Reduce Health Inequities

Nurse leaders can play an important role in promoting health equity. They can serve as role models for inclusivity and cultural competence and can create a more inclusive and equitable health care system by inspiring others to embrace compassionate care and by advocating for ongoing training in cultural sensitivity and language services.

35.3 Carving a Path Forward

Nurses collaborate to promote health and prevent disease. Nursing practice should prioritize a holistic approach that considers the client’s family and community context; recognizes the social, political, and economic factors that affect health; prioritizes well-being; fosters compassionate relationships; and respects personal dignity and choice.


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