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Which action would the nurse perform while engaged in the mitigation phase of disaster management?
  1. Simulating the planned response to a hurricane event
  2. Placing sandbags at a river’s edge prior to flooding
  3. Preparing a local school for temporary housing for flood victims
  4. Completing a tabletop exercise to plan for flooding
Using the START triage system, which victim would the nurse triage as immediate or red during a disaster response?
  1. A victim who is not breathing after two attempts to open the airway
  2. A victim who has a broken arm and can obey commands
  3. A victim who has multiple lacerations on extremities and chest
  4. A victim who has a respiratory rate greater than 30 beats/minute with flail chest
The nurse is assessing the victims of a train derailment using the Sort, Assess, Life-saving Interventions, and Triage/treatment (SALT) system. Which action will the nurse take during the Sort phase of this triage system?
  1. Moving victims who cannot walk to a staging area
  2. Placing color-coded triage tags on victims
  3. Opening the airway of victims who are not breathing
  4. Asking victims to walk to a staging area
Using the six steps of disaster risk assessment to determine a community’s hazard risk, which question would the nurse ask during step 3, vulnerability assessment?
  1. Is the hazard risk high, moderate, or low?
  2. Is the risk of disaster seasonal?
  3. What are the estimated damages that would occur with the hazard?
  4. What road might be impacted during the hazard?
Which characteristic of a Category A biological agent will guide the nurse’s actions during an outbreak?
  1. They have low mortality rates.
  2. They are highly transmissible.
  3. They are not a threat to the community.
  4. They are difficult to disperse.
Which action would the nurse perform as Logistics Section Chief following the activation of the Incident Command System after a hurricane?
  1. Provide boats for rescue from flooded areas
  2. Set objectives for hurricane response
  3. Create press releases regarding hurricane safety
  4. Conduct missing persons investigations
The nurse is assessing a 6-year-old child at the scene of a school bus accident and notes that the child has a respiratory rate of 14 breaths/minute. Which color triage tag will the nurse assign to the child using the JumpSTART triage system?
  1. Black
  2. Green
  3. Yellow
  4. Red
Which action will the community health nurse take during the primary prevention stage of bioterrorism preparedness?
  1. Participating in disaster simulations
  2. Recognizing signs and symptoms of a bioterrorist attack
  3. Immediately treating disease caused by a biologic agent
  4. Responding to the psychological aftermath of the bioterrorism event
A community health nurse conducting a class for high school parents and teachers on mass violence would include which adolescent behavior as a warning sign for potential school violence?
  1. Participation in class activities
  2. Withdrawing from social interaction
  3. Crying after failing an exam
  4. Visiting the school counselor during lunch
Which activity would the community nurse perform during the recovery phase of the disaster management cycle?
  1. Performing triage and emergency care
  2. Educating families on disaster preparedness
  3. Reducing the spread of communicable disease
  4. Performing triage and transport victims to services

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