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Which action is an example of the community health nurse engaged in nursing the community as the client?
  1. Providing individualized care for multiple patients with a specific chronic illness
  2. Conducting health screenings for individuals in a specific town or city
  3. Administering vaccines to individuals at high risk of disease complications
  4. Treating a client’s acute illness in a hospital setting
Which activity would the nurse recognize as meeting the Healthy People 2030 goal of civic participation?
  1. Voting in local, state, and federal elections
  2. Planting a home garden
  3. Running in a 5-mile road race
  4. Keeping vaccinations current
Which of the following explains why community health nurses should involve community members in assessment processes?
  1. To allow the community to make improvements prior to a windshield survey
  2. To share the workload of change with the community members
  3. To increase the likelihood of community participation in interventions and programs
  4. To exert control over the community members
When developing a community profile guided by Gordon’s functional health patterns, which of the following patterns would the nurse identify as focusing on the community’s view of itself?
  1. Cognitive-perceptual
  2. Health perception–health management
  3. Nutritional-metabolic
  4. Self-perception–self-concept
Which phase of the nursing process is the community health nurse performing when they identify patterns and trends in data?
  1. Assessment
  2. Diagnosis
  3. Planning
  4. Evaluation
Using the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Culture of Health Action Framework, which action would the nurse take when engaged in cross-sector collaboration to reduce overdose deaths in adolescents?
  1. Encouraging community members to vote on a referendum for substance misuse education
  2. Working with schools and law enforcement to reduce drug overdoses
  3. Supporting research for substance misuse prevention programs
  4. Creating community-based substance misuse treatment programs
According to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Culture of Health Action Framework, which action is a driver of change in making health a shared value?
  1. Increasing partnerships between hospitals
  2. Supporting working parents
  3. Providing access to routine dental and vision care
  4. Changing the mindset and expectations of a community
How does the first step of the nursing process inform community health interventions?
  1. Assessment provides the nurse with data to identify patterns, trends, or key health problems.
  2. Planning determines the goals or outcomes of possible community interventions.
  3. Implementation allows for the use of evidence-based practices.
  4. Evaluation informs the nurse of needed changes to community health programs.
Which of the following best describes the concept of holism in community-based nursing?
  1. Focuses on the physical health of individuals living in the community
  2. Treats hospitals and clinics, transportation, food stores, and green space as separate entities
  3. Recognizes the interconnectedness of community policies, health risks, and medical services
  4. Implements evidence-based practices for the needs and wants of specific communities
Which of Gordon’s functional health patterns is the nurse assessing by looking at community disaster plans and public safety?
  1. Coping–stress tolerance
  2. Health perception–health management
  3. Value-belief
  4. Role-relationship

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