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Which of the following activities best defines epidemiology?
  1. Prescribing prophylactic antibiotics for an individual suspected of having been exposed to anthrax
  2. Teaching a community class to those newly diagnosed with diabetes
  3. Recommending that a restaurant temporarily close for deep cleaning after implicating it as the source of a norovirus outbreak
  4. Encouraging families in the community to eat dinner together every night
Which factors make up the epidemiological triad?
  1. Agent, host, environment
  2. Person, place, time
  3. Source, mode of transmission, host
  4. Portal of entry, agent, portal of exit
The school nurse is developing a plan to reduce direct transmission of disease. Which mode of transmission will be included in this plan?
  1. Droplet spread
  2. Foodborne
  3. Mosquito borne
  4. Surface spread
Which description of disease activity in a single area corresponds to endemic levels of disease?
  1. There are usually 20–30 cases each week, and this past week there were 29 cases.
  2. There are usually fewer than 20 cases per year, and this past week there were 2 cases.
  3. There are usually up to 10 cases per week, and this past week there were 40 cases.
  4. There are usually 100,000 cases worldwide each month, and this past month there were 10 million cases worldwide.
What type of study is the public health nurse using to collect exposure and lifestyle information to assess the relationship between these factors and consequent occurrence of disease?
  1. Experimental
  2. Cross-sectional
  3. Cohort
  4. Case-control
What is the hallmark feature of an analytic study in epidemiology?
  1. Use of an appropriate comparison group
  2. Randomization in recruiting study participants
  3. Confirmation of diagnosis via lab testing
  4. Testing a hypothesis
What type of study randomly assigns an individual to receive the currently available formulation of a blood pressure medication or the newly formulated slow-release formulation of the blood pressure medication?
  1. Experimental
  2. Observational
  3. Case-control
  4. Cohort
Which action highlights Florence Nightingale’s role as an epidemiologist?
  1. Dressing soldiers’ infected wounds
  2. Connecting poor sanitation with negative health outcomes
  3. Developing training schools for nurses and midwives
  4. Changing linens and frequently bathing clients
In which stage of disease progression would the nurse classify a client who has elevated blood pressure but no symptoms?
  1. Susceptibility stage
  2. Subclinical stage
  3. Clinical stage
  4. Carrier stage
The public health nurse is studying the proportion of the population in a certain county that had pneumonia during the winter months. Which epidemiological measure will the nurse use?
  1. Attack rate
  2. Incidence rate
  3. Prevalence rate
  4. Risk ratio

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