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the clumping of particles
blood fractionation
the process of separating blood into its component parts
blood products
substances derived from human blood
colloid solutions
a solute in a solution of molecules or ions
colloidal oncotic pressure
osmotic pressure that causes fluid to pull back into the capillary by large molecules such as proteins
complementary and alternative therapies
medical products and practices outside of conventional medical practice; complementary therapies are used as adjuncts to conventional therapies, and alternative therapies are used in place of conventional therapies
cryoprecipitated anti-hemophilic factor (cryo)
a portion of plasma that is rich in clotting factors
crystalloid solutions
a solute in a solution that lacks proteins and insoluble molecules
essential minerals that carry an electric charge and are crucial for functions like nerve signaling, muscle contraction, and fluid balance in the body
extracellular fluid (ECF)
fluid outside of the cell
Factor VIII
a blood clotting factor that when deficient causes bleeding
fat emulsions
a liquid composed of fat and water
fat-soluble vitamins
vitamins that dissolve in fat; includes vitamins A, D, E, and K
a protein that assists with forming blood clots
fluid volume
the volume of intracellular and extracellular fluids in the body
fluid volume deficit
a condition where fluid output exceeds fluid intake
fluid volume excess
a condition where the body retains more fluid than it excretes
the process of converting glucose into pyruvate, an important metabolic product for energy
heme synthesis
a biochemical pathway that requires a number of steps, substrates, and enzymes
hypertonic solutions
a solution with a high solute concentration and a low water concentration
the condition of fluid volume excess
hypotonic solutions
a solution with a low solute concentration and a high water concentration
the condition of fluid volume deficit
intracellular fluid (ICF)
fluid inside the cell
intravenous (IV) fluid therapy
the process of administering fluids through a vein
isotonic solutions
a solution that has the same solute and water concentrations as the cytoplasm of the cell
inorganic substances that are essential for certain physiological functions
a mixture of proteins and phospholipids that form an insulating sheath around nerve fibers
packed red blood cells (PRBCs)
a blood product that contains concentrated red blood cells
cells that are responsible for clotting blood
a condition caused by a sudden decrease in blood flow
sodium-potassium-ATPase pump (Na+K+ATPase pump)
responsible for the transport of sodium ions out of cells and potassium ions into cells against their concentration gradients
total parenteral nutrition (TPN)
intravenous nutrition
essential organic compounds required for normal physiological function
von Willebrand factor
a blood disorder that prevents the blood from clotting
water-soluble vitamins
vitamins that dissolve in water; includes vitamins B and C

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