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Organizational Behavior

Chapter Review Questions

Organizational BehaviorChapter Review Questions

  1. What are the various types of groups often found in work situations?
  2. Why do people join groups?
  3. Describe the stages of group development.
  4. How does work group size influence individual and group behavior?
  5. Discuss the role of work group norms in the work situation.
  6. Consider how groups influence conformity and deviance in work situations.
  7. What is the major conclusion of Asch’s experiment on group pressure and individual judgment?
  8. Define a role episode.
  9. Why is knowledge of role relationships important for managers?
  10. What purposes are served by status differentiations in work organizations? What problems emerge from these differentiations?
  11. What determines group cohesiveness, and what impact does it have on group behavior?
  12. Discuss how managers can improve intergroup relations and performance. Provide examples from your own experience to defend your arguments.
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