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Organizational Behavior

Management Skills Application Exercises

Organizational BehaviorManagement Skills Application Exercises

  1. How has human resource management’s evolution over the years helped to make it a better partner to the business? In what way would you expect HRM to continue to evolve over the years?
  2. Do you believe that a formal, annual performance management process is necessary to help an organization reach its goals? Why or why not? What are the minimum process requirements that must be met to successfully evaluate performance?
  3. .Is it possible for an organization to reward people fairly without implementing a pay-for-performance process? Why or why not? Do you see any pitfalls to a pay-for-performance process?
  4. How does the “war for talent” impact talent acquisition processes? How can HR be more successful working with the business to navigate the competitive talent landscape?
  5. What are the benefits of having talent review calibration processes? What is the downside of the process? Should an organization let employees know what their talent review “rating” is? Why or why not?
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