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Nutrition for Nurses

Review Questions

Nutrition for NursesReview Questions

The nurse is caring for a client in the first trimester of pregnancy. Which assessment finding requires follow-up by the nurse?
  1. Decreased GFR
  2. Increased fluid retention
  3. Mild glycosuria
  4. Proteinuria
Which instruction would the nurse give to a client about nutrition during pregnancy?
  1. Eat 340 calories more each day in the first trimester.
  2. Start prenatal vitamins in the second trimester.
  3. Avoid or limit caffeine intake.
  4. Reduce fluid intake.
The nurse provides nutrition counseling to the parents of a child with CKD. Which nutritional restriction is most likely to affect growth and development?
  1. Potassium
  2. Sodium
  3. Fluids
  4. Protein
The nurse is educating a 14-year-old female adolescent with CKD and her parents about nutrition. Which recommended daily intake for iron should the nurse teach the adolescent and her parents?
  1. 7 mg/day
  2. 9 mg/day
  3. 12 mg/day
  4. 15 mg/day
The nurse is teaching a client about nutritional interventions for an overactive bladder. Which instruction should the nurse give the client?
  1. Avoid cola drinks.
  2. Use artificial sweeteners instead of sugar.
  3. Reduce fiber intake.
  4. Avoid foods high in potassium.
The nurse is providing discharge instructions to a client following the removal of a calcium kidney stone. Which instruction will the nurse give this client to prevent future stone formation?
  1. Avoid foods high in purine.
  2. Avoid foods high in oxalate.
  3. Restrict nondairy animal protein.
  4. Increase sodium intake.
The nurse is completing a follow-up assessment of a client with a history of kidney stones. Which of the following dietary habits reported by the client indicates the need for additional instruction related to their kidney stone history?
  1. Drinks at least 2 L of fluid daily
  2. Eats a variety of fruits and vegetables
  3. Consumes a high-protein diet
  4. Drinks less than 6 oz of fruit juice each day
The nurse is working at a community health fair, providing information about risk reduction for renal cancer. Which nutritional instruction will the nurse teach to reduce the risk for renal cancer?
  1. Increase intake of cruciferous vegetables.
  2. Increase intake of red meat.
  3. Eat more pan-fried foods.
  4. Cook meats on the grill.
The nurse is developing a teaching plan for a client who has just entered stage 4 CKD. Which instruction will the nurse give the client?
  1. There are no restrictions on fluid intake.
  2. Reduce calcium intake.
  3. Restrict potassium intake.
  4. Increase magnesium intake.
Which instruction should the nurse give a client with benign prostatic hypertrophy to reduce lower urinary tract symptoms?
  1. Increase intake of fresh fruits.
  2. Use butter rather than olive oil.
  3. Reduce intake of whole grains.
  4. Drink whole milk.

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