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MicrobiologyShort Answer

Short Answer


Why is it important to measure the transmission of light through a control tube with only broth in it when making turbidity measures of bacterial cultures?


In terms of counting cells, what does a plating method accomplish that an electronic cell counting method does not?


Order the following stages of the development of a biofilm from the earliest to the last step.

  1. secretion of EPS
  2. reversible attachment
  3. dispersal
  4. formation of water channels
  5. irreversible attachment

Infections among hospitalized patients are often related to the presence of a medical device in the patient. Which conditions favor the formation of biofilms on in-dwelling catheters and prostheses?


Why are some obligate anaerobes able to grow in tissues (e.g., gum pockets) that are not completely free of oxygen?


Why should Haemophilus influenzae be grown in a candle jar?


In terms of oxygen requirements, what type of organism would most likely be responsible for a foodborne illness associated with canned foods?


Which macromolecule in the cell is most sensitive to changes in pH?


Which metabolic process in the bacterial cell is particularly challenging at high pH?


How are hyperthermophile’s proteins adapted to the high temperatures of their environment?


Why would NASA be funding microbiology research in Antarctica?


Fish sauce is a salty condiment produced using fermentation. What type of organism is likely responsible for the fermentation of the fish sauce?


What is the major difference between an enrichment culture and a selective culture?

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