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Match the definition with the name of the growth phase in the growth curve.

___Number of dying cells is higher than the number of cells dividing A. Lag phase
___Number of new cells equal to number of dying cells B. Log phase
___New enzymes to use available nutrients are induced C. Stationary phase
___Binary fission is occurring at maximum rate D. Death phase

Four tubes are illustrated with cultures grown in a medium that slows oxygen diffusion. Match the culture tube with the correct type of bacteria from the following list: facultative anaerobe, obligate anaerobe, microaerophile, aerotolerant anaerobe, obligate aerobe.

A) Cells are all at the bottom of the tube. b) Cells are all at the top of the tube. C) Cells are all just under the top of the tube. D) Cells are throughout the tube but more prominent at the top.

Match the type of bacterium with its environment. Each choice may be used once, more than once, or not at all. Put the appropriate letter beside the environment.

___psychotroph A. food spoiling in refrigerator
___mesophile B. hydrothermal vent
___thermophile C. deep ocean waters
___hyperthermophile D. human pathogen
___psychrophile E. garden compost
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