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Maternal Newborn Nursing

Competency-Based Assessments

Maternal Newborn NursingCompetency-Based Assessments

Competency-Based Assessments

1 .
While conducting a head-to-toe examination, you identify an abnormality in the newborn's musculoskeletal system. How would you integrate this finding into the overall care plan, considering potential impacts on vital signs and neurologic reactions?
2 .
As a maternity nurse, you are assigned to care for a newborn with a history of maternal substance misuse. During routine vital sign assessment, you notice some abnormalities. How would you approach this situation, considering both the vital signs and the potential neurologic reactions?
3 .
The health-care team needs to estimate the gestational age of a newborn using the Ballard estimation tool. Discuss the key physical and neurologic indicators you would assess and explain how these indicators contribute to determining gestational age.
4 .
Working in a pediatrician’s office, you are asked to determine a newborn's social adequacy and capabilities using the Brazelton Neonatal Behavioral Assessment Scale. Explain the key components of this assessment tool and how they contribute to understanding the newborn's social well-being.

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