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Maternal Newborn Nursing

Check Your Understanding Questions

Maternal Newborn NursingCheck Your Understanding Questions

Check Your Understanding Questions

1 .
Why is it important that newborns with hypospadias and epispadias not be circumcised until they are seen by a pediatric urologist?
2 .
A full neurologic assessment of a newborn includes evaluation of each newborn reflex. List the newborn reflexes and the expected finding for each.
3 .
A newborn is feeding and acting fussy when the nurse walks into the room to complete a Ballard Assessment. What should the nurse know about timing the Ballard Assessment?
4 .
Explain why it is important that the nurse not perform the Ballard Assessment on a newborn that is possibly withdrawing from substances.
5 .
Summarize why the nurse must wear gloves the entire time they are completing an assessment on a newborn that has not yet had a bath post birth.
6 .
Describe two reasons the nurse would want to perform a behavioral assessment on a newborn before discharge home.
7 .

After completing a physical assessment and noting weight and measurements, the nurse completes a Ballard Assessment on a newborn.

Posture 3
Square Window 2
Arm Recoil 3
Popliteal Angle 3
Scarf Sign 3
Heel to Ear 2
Table 23.4 Neuromuscular Maturity Scoring
Skin 2
Lanugo 2
Plantar Surface 3
Breast 2
Eye/Ear 2
Genitals (Male/Female) 2 female
Table 23.5 Physical Maturity Score

Based on the indicated scores, what overall maturity score would this newborn receive?


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