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Maternal Newborn Nursing

Reflection Questions

Maternal Newborn NursingReflection Questions

Reflection Questions

1 .
What type of FHR tracing would prompt the nurse to contact the health-care provider?
2 .
What would the nurse expect to see on the fetal monitor strip after discovering the laboring person has a fever?
3 .
Describe the following fetal monitor tracing.
The image shows a fetal monitor strip with two graphs. The top graph has an orange line indicating fetal heart rate, which appears steady with occasional fluctuations. The bottom graph has a white line displaying uterine contractions with a clear pattern of rising and falling activity. Both graphs are against a dark background with grid lines, and time stamps are present at the top and bottom edges.
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4 .
What type of training should labor and delivery nurses receive prior to using fetal monitors?
5 .
How would the nurse educate the laboring patient on the insertion of internal monitors?
6 .
Describe the possible side effect of epidural anesthesia on the FHR.
7 .
Describe a sinusoidal pattern and its significance.
8 .
Discuss the relationship between moderate FHR variability and fetal oxygenation.
9 .
What are the goals of intrauterine resuscitation?
10 .
What are the nursing actions for abnormal FHR variability?

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