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Maternal Newborn Nursing

Reflection Questions

Maternal Newborn NursingReflection Questions

Reflection Questions

1 .
How does the physiologic anemia of pregnancy develop?
2 .
Why does the hypercoagulability state of the pregnant person develop?
3 .
What is the most important anatomic adaptation the body experiences during pregnancy? Why is this anatomic adaptation the most important?
4 .
What is a possible consequence when the pregnant person remains ambivalent about the pregnancy?
5 .
What is the role of the nurse in caring for a pregnant person when IPV is suspected? Is mandatory reporting required in the state you are preparing to practice in? Support your response.
6 .
Should the child of a pregnant person who is incarcerated be allowed to live in prison with the birth parent? Why or why not? Support your response.
7 .
How would you explain the difference between genetic testing and chromosomal karyotyping to a family?
8 .
Why is it important to offer genetic screening to all pregnant persons?
9 .
How would you respond when a friend informs you (a registered nurse) they heard that a health care provider you work with at the hospital has been accused of some illegal act and the friend would like you to refer them to another provider?

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