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8.1 Technology Today

To learn more about the digital divide and why it matters, check out this website with research on the digital divide.

To find out more about Internet privacy and security, check out this website on privacy rights.

8.2 Media and Technology in Society

To get a sense of the timeline of technology. Check out this website with a technology timeline.

To learn more about new media, check out the New Media Institute

To understand how independent media coverage differs from major corporate affiliated news outlets, review material from the Democracy Now! website.

8.3 Global Implications of Media and Technology

Check out more in this article about the global digital divide.

8.4 Theoretical Perspectives on Media and Technology

To learn more about cyberfeminism, check out the interdisciplinary artist collective, subRosa.

To explore the implications of panoptic surveillance, review some surveillance studies at the free, open source Surveillance and Society site.

Read an example of socialist media from Jacobin magazine.

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