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18.1 Economic Systems


Explain the difference between state socialism with central planning and market socialism.


In what ways can capitalistic and socialistic economies converge?


Describe the impact a rapidly growing economy can have on families.


How do you think the United States economy will change as we move closer to a technology-driven service economy?

18.2 Globalization and the Economy


What impact has globalization had on the music you listen to, the books you read, or the movies or television you watch?


What effect can immigration have on the economy of a developing country?


Is globalization a danger to local cultures? Why, or why not?

18.3 Work in the United States


As polarization occurs in the U.S. job market, this will affect other social institutions. For example, if midlevel education won’t lead to employment, we could see polarization in educational levels as well. Use the sociological imagination to consider what social institutions may be impacted, and how.


Do you believe we have a true meritocracy in the United States? Why, or why not?

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