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Introduction to Sociology 2e

Section Quiz

Introduction to Sociology 2eSection Quiz

15.1 The Sociological Approach to Religion


In what ways does religion serve the role of a social institution?

  1. Religions have a complex and integrated set of norms.
  2. Religious practices and beliefs are related to societal values.
  3. Religions often meet several basic needs.
  4. All of the above

A cultural universal is something that:

  1. addresses all aspects of a group’s behavior
  2. is found in all cultures
  3. is based on social norms
  4. may or may not be of value in meeting social needs

Which of the main theoretical perspectives would approach religion from the micro-level, studying how religion impacts an individual’s sense of support and well-being?

  1. Functionalism
  2. Symbolic interactionism
  3. Conflict theory
  4. Feminism

Which perspective most emphasizes the ways in which religion helps keep the social system running smoothly?

  1. Functional perspective
  2. Symbolic interactionist perspective
  3. Conflict perspective
  4. Feminist perspective

Which socialist perspective most emphasizes the ways in which religion helps to maintain social inequalities within a society?

  1. Functional
  2. Symbolic interactionist
  3. Conflict theory
  4. Feminist perspective

Which of the following do the functionalist and conflict perspectives share?

  1. Position that religion relates to social control, enforcing social norms
  2. Emphasis on religion as providing social support
  3. Belief that religion helps explain the mysteries of life
  4. None of the above

The Protestant work ethic was viewed in terms of its relationship to:

  1. evolution and natural selection
  2. capitalism
  3. determinism
  4. prejudice and discrimination

15.2 World Religions


What are some denominations of the Christian Protestant church?

  1. Catholic and Jewish
  2. Jehovah’s Witnesses and Presbyterians
  3. Scientology and Hare Krishna
  4. Methodist and Seventh-day Adventist

A sect:

  1. has generally grown so large that it needs new buildings and multiple leaders
  2. often believes it must split from the larger group to return to important fundamentals
  3. is another term for a cult
  4. All of the above

The main difference between an ecclesia and a denomination is:

  1. the number of followers or believers is much larger for denominations
  2. the geographical location varies for ecclesia versus denominations
  3. ecclesia are state-sponsored and considered an official religion
  4. there are no important differences; the terms are interchangeable

Some controversial groups that may be mislabeled as cults include:

  1. Scientology and the Hare Krishna
  2. the Peoples Temple and Heaven’s Gate
  3. the Branch Davidians and the Manson Family
  4. Quakers and Pentecostals

In what part of the world have Confucianism and Taoism been primarily practiced?

  1. India
  2. Europe
  3. China
  4. The Middle East

Many stories in the sacred text of Judaism are:

  1. referred to as the Apocrypha
  2. oral traditions only because Judaism has no sacred text
  3. shared by Christianity and Islam
  4. no longer part of the Torah

What do Christianity and Islam have in common?

  1. Both believe in a single supreme god.
  2. Both share many of the same stories in their central religious texts.
  3. Both believe in an afterlife.
  4. All of the above

15.3 Religion in the United States


Social scientists refer to the use of a church to combat social injustice in the political realm as:

  1. the protestant work ethic
  2. conflict management
  3. liberation theology
  4. justice work

Megachurches tend to have:

  1. a variety of male and female clergy
  2. numerous buildings in which to meet
  3. high attendance for only a limited time
  4. large arenas where services are held
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