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Learning objectives

By the end of this section you should be able to

  • Summarize how Python is used in fields other than CS and IT.
  • Describe two different kinds of applications made with Python.

Fields and applications

Learning Python opens the door to many programming-related careers. Example job titles include software engineer, data scientist, web developer, and systems analyst. These jobs often require a degree in computer science (CS), information technology (IT), or a related field. However, programming is not limited to these fields and careers.

Many professionals use Python to support the work they do. Python programs can automate tasks and solve problems quickly. Table 2.8 shows a few examples of Python outside of computing fields. Knowing how to program is a useful skill that can enhance any career.

Python is a versatile language that supports many kinds of applications. Table 2.9 shows a few examples of programs that can be written in Python. Given Python's usefulness and popularity, Python is a great language to learn. A supportive community of professionals and enthusiasts is ready to help.

Field Example use of Python
Business An accountant writes a Python program to generate custom sales reports.
Education A teacher writes a Python program to organize homework submissions.
Fine arts An artist writes a Python program to operate an interactive art display.
Humanities A linguist writes a Python program to analyze changes in slang word usage.
Science A biologist writes a Python program to analyze DNA sequences for cancer.
Table 2.8 Python outside of CS and IT.
Application Example use of Python
Artificial intelligence An engineer develops models to support image and voice recognition. Ex: TensorFlow library.
Data visualization A statistician creates charts to make sense of large amounts of data. Ex: Matplotlib library.
General purpose Most programs in this book are general. Ex: Read inputs, perform calculations, print results.
Scientific computing Python is very useful for conducting experiments and analyzing data. Ex: The SciPy project.
Web development Python can run interactive websites. Ex: Instagram is built with Django, a Python framework.
Table 2.9 Applications built with Python.

Concepts in Practice

Fields and applications

Which of the following fields use Python to support their work?
  1. geography
  2. health care
  3. political science
  4. all of the above
Which of the following Python libraries creates charts and plots?
  1. Matplotlib
  2. SciPy
  3. TensorFlow
Which of the following applications were built with Python?
  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. WhatsApp

Exploring further

For more examples of applications that can be built with Python, see "Top 12 Fascinating Python Applications in Real-World" by Rohit Sharma. For more information about Python related careers, see "What Does a Python Developer Do?" in BrainStation's career guide.


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