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1 .
Human rights are ________.
  1. easy to discern
  2. possible to measure
  3. protected universally
  4. open to debate
2 .
A common element in the differing conceptions of social justice is that ________.
  1. each society should define social justice in its own way
  2. opportunities, resources, and rights should be distributed equitably
  3. those in power should produce it
  4. rights should be allocated according to group membership
3 .
The social contract involves ________.
  1. freedom and authority
  2. obligations and transfers
  3. inheritances and patriarchy
  4. entitlements and emoluments
4 .
Which conception of social justice invokes the “veil of ignorance”?
  1. Marxism
  2. Libertarianism
  3. Rawls’s theory
  4. Utilitarianism
5 .
When humans think slowly, they ________.
  1. use heuristics to solve complex problems
  2. act altruistically to benefit others
  3. use cognitive skills to make decisions
  4. rely on rules of thumb to guide them
6 .
In politics, rational actors ________.
  1. carefully consider all possible options
  2. act strategically to obtain their goals
  3. vote their sincere preferences
  4. identify cross-cutting issues
7 .
In making decisions, humans ________.
  1. think only about their own interests
  2. exclusively consider only their community or tribe
  3. focus solely on the impacts of their decisions
  4. often consider the interests of themselves and others
8 .
When we make predictions about human behavior, we are stating ________.
  1. what an individual is certain to do
  2. what a group is certain to do
  3. what an individual is likely to do
  4. what an individual will consider doing
9 .
A central goal of empirical political research is to ________.
  1. identify universal rules
  2. make predictions about human behavior
  3. develop better constitutions
  4. explain the nature of political systems
10 .
Political scientists are better able to make predictions if ________.
  1. they are smart
  2. they have lots of data
  3. they have the latest technology
  4. the events are random
11 .
Motivated reasoning is ________.
  1. the discipline of studying motivations
  2. the reason why individuals are motivated
  3. the tendency to reject inconvenient evidence
  4. the ability to discern credible evidence
12 .
A game is a ________.
  1. set of rules, choices, and decisions
  2. set of players, tokens, and wagers
  3. set of customs, heuristics, and decisions
  4. set of controllers, players, and scenarios
13 .
In the ultimatum game, the most important rule involves ________.
  1. the quantity of money at stake
  2. the formula for distributing the money
  3. the establishment of the offer
  4. the procedure for establishing the offer
14 .
In any game, one would expect that decisions will vary ________.
  1. as the situation varies
  2. as the year varies
  3. as the location of the game varies
  4. as the day of the week varies
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