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Introduction to Business

Preparing for Tomorrow's Workplace Skills

Introduction to BusinessPreparing for Tomorrow's Workplace Skills

  1. Are you motivated more by intrinsic rewards (satisfaction, sense of accomplishment, etc.) or by extrinsic rewards (money, bonuses, etc.)? Interview some friends and classmates to find out what motivates them. Discuss your differences in perspective. (Interpersonal, Information)
  2. Think of a task or project you have completed recently that required a great deal of effort. What motivated you to exert so much energy to complete the task or project? Describe your motivation in terms of the theories presented in the chapter. (Systems)
  3. Not all jobs are intrinsically motivating. For example, many entry-level jobs often involve repetitive and simple tasks that can become rapidly boring. (You may have worked a job that fits that description.) How can managers motivate frontline employees (such as fast-food cashiers, trash collectors, supermarket cashiers, etc.) to perform at high levels? (Systems, Interpersonal)
  4. If you were offered the opportunity to job-share, would you need to have a partner who was motivated by the same things as you are? Why or why not? (Interpersonal)
  5. Team Activity Assemble a team of three to five students. Imagine that you are the management team for a start-up business with limited resources but a need for a highly motivated, skilled workforce. Brainstorm ways you could motivate your employees other than large bonuses and high salaries. (Resources)
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