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  1. Go to the blog page of the College Recruiter website at, and read the relevant articles to learn how to prepare a résumé that will get results. Develop a list of rules for creating effective résumés. What tips were the most useful to you?
  2. Working as a contingent employee can help you explore your career options. Visit the Manpower website at, and use the Job Search feature to look for several types of jobs that interest you. Choose your current city and one where you would like to live, either in the United States or abroad. What are the advantages of being a temporary worker? What other services does Manpower offer job seekers?
  3. As a corporate recruiter, you must know how to screen prospective employees. The Integrity Center website at offers a brief tutorial on pre-employment screening, a glossary of key words and phrases, and related information. Prepare a short report that tells your assistant how to go about this process.
  4. You’ve been asked to give a speech about the current status of affirmative action and equal employment to your company’s managers. Starting with the website of the American Association for Access Equity and Diversity ( and its links to related sites, research the topic and prepare an outline for your talk. Include current legislation and recent court cases.
  5. Web-based training is popular at many companies as a way to bring a wider variety of courses to more people at lower costs. The Web-Based Training Information Center site at provides a good introduction. Learn about the basics of online training at its Primer page. Then link to the Resources section, try a demo, and explore other areas that interest you. Prepare a brief report on your findings, including the pros and cons of using the web for training, to present to your class.
  6. What are the key issues facing labor unions today? Visit the AFL-CIO website,, and Labornet, Select three current topics and summarize the key points for the class.
  7. Not everyone believes that unions are good for workers. The National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation offers free legal aid to employees whose “human and civil rights have been violated by compulsory unionism abuses.” Read the materials on its site (, and prepare a short report on its position regarding the disadvantages of labor unions.
  8. Although we tend to think of labor unions as representing manufacturing employees, many office and service-industry employees, teachers, and professional belong to unions. Visit the websites of two of the following nonmanufacturing unions and discuss how they help their members: the Office and Professional Employees International Union (, the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (, the National Education Association (, the Actor’s Equity Association (, and the American Federation of Musicians ( What are the differences, if any, between these unions and those in other industries?
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