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  1. Are you leadership material? See how you measure up at Your Leadership Legacy, Read the commentary, and take the test. Study the outcome, and provide an example of how you would put each item into action.
  2. Strategic Advantage,, offers many reasons why companies should develop strategic plans, as well as a strategy tip of the month, assessment tools, planning exercises, and resource links. Explore the site to learn the effect of strategic planning on financial performance, and present your evidence to the class. Then select a planning exercise, and with a group of classmates, perform it as it applies to your school.
  3. Congratulations! You’ve just been promoted to your first supervisory position. However, you are at a loss as to how to actually manage your staff. This guide to general management,, brings together a variety of materials to help you. Check out Management Skills, as well as other resources. Develop a plan for yourself to follow.
  4. How do entrepreneurs develop the corporate culture of their companies? Do a search of the term “corporate culture” on Inc. (, Entrepreneur (, or Fast Company ( Prepare a short presentation for your class that explains the importance of corporate culture and how it is developed in young firms.
  5. Good managers and leaders know how to empower their employees. The Business e-Coach at explains why employee empowerment is so important in today’s knowledge economy. After reviewing the information at this site, prepare a brief report on the benefits of employee empowerment. Include several ideas you would like a manager to use to empower you.
  6. Get some leadership tips from 7 Steps to Closure at the Learning Center, Complete the Closure Planning Form to develop your own personal Success-Oriented Action Plan.
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