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Introduction to Business

Preparing for Tomorrow's Workplace Skills

Introduction to BusinessPreparing for Tomorrow's Workplace Skills

  1. How can a country’s customs create barriers to trade? Ask foreign students to describe such barriers in their country. American students should give examples of problems that foreign businesspeople might experience with American customs. (Information)
  2. Should the United Kingdom exit the European Union? Why might Britain not wish to exit? (Systems)
  3. Do you think that CAFTA will have a major impact on the U.S. economy? Why? (Systems)
  4. What do you think is the best way for a small company to enter international trade? Why? (Information)
  5. How can the United States compete against China and India in the long run? (Information)
  6. Identify some U.S. multinational companies that have been successful in world markets. How do you think they have achieved their success? (Information)
  7. Team Activity Divide the class into teams. Each team should choose a country and research its infrastructure to determine how it will help or hinder trade. Include a variety of countries, ranging from the most highly developed to the least developed. (Resources, Interpersonal, Information, Technology)
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