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  1. If factoring accounts receivable is still a mystery to you, visit the 21st Financial Solutions site, Follow the links on the home page to answer these questions: What are factoring’s advantages? What are the additional benefits, and what types of companies can use factoring to their advantage? Then summarize the factoring process.
  2. Go to the AdvisoryHQ website at, and link to three different venture capital firms listed in the website’s “best” list. Compare the firms’ investment strategies (industry specialization, age of companies in which they invest, etc.). Also do a web search to check out two angel investor firms. How do their requirements differ from the venture firms?
  3. Compare the listing requirements of the NYSE and NASDAQ, using the information at their websites: and Search the sites for listing requirements. What types of companies qualify for listing on each exchange? Why does NASDAQ offer alternative listing standards?
  4. Choose a company currently traded on the NYSE ( Find the company’s website using a search engine such as Google. At the website, find the firm’s investor relations information. Review the information, including, if available, the most recent online annual report. Follow up by researching if any SEC actions have been taken against the firm at the SEC website, Summarize your findings in a brief report that discusses whether you would recommend this company’s stock as an investment.
  5. Using the information and links available at the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association’s (SIFMA) website,, write a brief paper explaining the pros and cons of investing in corporate bonds. In your paper, provide at least three examples of currently available corporate bonds from a site such as, and explain why they would be good investments.
  6. Research the job responsibilities of a corporate investor relations officer (IRO). If possible, try to interview an IRO, by either phone or email. The National Investor Relations Institute (, a trade association for IROs, is an alternate source of information. What types of experience and education does an IRO need in order to perform effectively? How are their roles changing? Write a paper summarizing your findings. (Interpersonal, Information)
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