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  1. Banking on a great career? Go to to explore what positions are available in banking, finance, and accounting. Make a presentation on the type of job you might choose and its location.
  2. Visit the International Money Laundering Network Services Association ( for the latest information on what organizations are doing to ensure international monetary transfers remain out of terrorists’ hands. Summarize your findings.
  3. Find out everything you want to know about financial institutions and banking careers from the latest edition of the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook. Visit the OOH’s website at, and click on the A–Z Index to explore banking and other financial occupations, including the forecast for these careers in the coming decade. Explain why this information should be important to you.
  4. Using an internet search engine, research information on digital banking branches used around the country by companies such as Citibank. Make a presentation describing the merits of this trend to your class.
  5. The recent Wells Fargo scandal in which bank employees created more than three million fake customer accounts as a result of pressure from their managers to meet sales quotas still has the banking community and consumers up in arms regarding the ethics of fraudulent banking practices, ongoing credit issues, and customer privacy. Using an internet search engine, research what happened at Wells Fargo, what fallout it caused for consumers as well as bank employees, and what the Fed did to intervene. Summarize your findings, and provide recommendations on what banking executives and employees could have done differently.
  6. What are your rights to privacy when dealing with financial institutions? Use the internet to research the specific privacy provisions related to banking and financial services, and write a paper on how you can use this information to protect your privacy and financial identity.
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