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  1. Visit Industry Week’s website at Under Archives, do a search using the search term “supply-chain management.” Choose an article from the results that describes how a company has used supply-chain management to improve customer satisfaction, performance, or profitability. Give a brief presentation to your class on your findings.
  2. What are some of the logistics problems facing firms that operate internationally? Visit the Logistics Management magazine website at, and see if you can find information about how firms manage global logistics. Summarize the results.
  3. Go to Why do you think that this e-retailer is successful? How can it expand its market? Why do you think that the site has such a cult following?
  4. A competitive advantage of the internet is the ability to comparison-shop like never before. To compare brands, features, and prices of products, go to two of these sites: or, or, for the best bargains,,,,, or Which is the easiest site to use? The most difficult? Which site provides the most information?
  5. The Zenith Media site at is a good place to find links to internet resources on advertising. Research the leading brands listed on the site. Pick three of the company sites listed, and review them using the concepts in this chapter.
  6. Go to the Sales and Marketing magazine site at Read several of the free recent articles from the magazine as well as online exclusives, and prepare a brief report on current trends in one of the following topics: sales strategies, marketing strategies, customer relationships, or training. Also check out their new blog, “Closers.” What is your opinion of this blog?
  7. Entrepreneurs and small businesses don’t always have big sales promotion budgets. The Guerrilla Marketing page at has many practical ideas for those with big ideas but small budgets. After exploring the site, explain the concept of guerrilla marketing. Then list five ideas or tips that appeal to you, and summarize why they are good marketing strategies.
  8. Press releases are a way to get free publicity for your company and products. Visit the following site to learn how to write a press release: Was this helpful, and why? Develop a short “how-to” guide on press releases for your classmates. Then write a press release that announces the opening of your new health food restaurant, Zen Foods, located just two blocks from campus.
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