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Introduction to Business

Preparing for Tomorrow's Workplace Skills

Introduction to BusinessPreparing for Tomorrow's Workplace Skills

  1. Team Activity Divide the class into two groups with one taking the “pro” position and the other the “con” position on the following issue: “The only thing marketing intermediaries really do is increase prices for consumers. It is always best to buy direct from the producer.” (Interpersonal)
  2. Trace the distribution channel for some familiar product. Compose an e-mail that explains why the channel has evolved as it has and how it is likely to change in the future. (Systems)
  3. You work for a small chain of department stores (six stores total) located within a single state. Write a memo to the president explaining how e-retailing may affect the chain’s business. (Technology)
  4. How does supply-chain management increase customer value? (Systems)
  5. Think of a product that you use regularly. Find several examples of how the manufacturer markets this product, such as ads in different media, sales promotions, and publicity. Assess each example for effectiveness in meeting one or more of the six promotional goals described in the chapter. Then analyze them for effectiveness in reaching you as a target consumer. Consider such factors as the media used, the style of the ad, and ad content. Present your findings to the class. (Information)
  6. Go to the blogging search sites listed in the text and find personal blogs, both positive and negative, for a brand. Also report on a consumer good manufacturer’s blogging site. Was it appealing? Why or why not? (Technology)
  7. The internet and technology has changed the world of promotion forever. Explain the meaning of this sentence. (Technology)
  8. What advantages does personal selling offer over types of promotion? (Information)
  9. Choose a current advertising campaign for a beverage product. Describe how the campaign uses different media to promote the product. Which media is used the most, and why? What other promotional strategies does the company use for the product? Evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign. Present your results to the class. (Information)
  10. The Promotional Products Association International is a trade association of the promotional-products industry. Its website,, provides an introduction to promotional products and how they are used in marketing. Read its FAQ page and the Industry Sales Volume statistics (both reached through the Education link). Then go to the Resources and Technology section, then case studies, and link to the most recent Golden Pyramid Competition. Choose three to four winners from different categories. Now prepare a short report on the role of promotional products in the promotional mix. Include the examples you selected, and explain how the products helped the company reach its objective. (Technology)
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