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Introduction to Anthropology

Critical Thinking Questions

Introduction to AnthropologyCritical Thinking Questions

1 .
How would you characterize the impact of colonialism on Indigenous peoples?
2 .
Considering this chapter and overlapping subjects in previous chapters, what changes have been made within the discipline of anthropology in the 20th and 21st centuries?
3 .
What role have casinos played in tribal economic development?
4 .
How have Indigenous critiques and Indigenous perspectives changed and developed anthropology?
5 .
Should Native American human remains and funerary objects be collected for scientific research or returned to tribes? Explain your answer.
6 .
Why are language recovery and language reclamation important to maintain Indigenous cultures? Explain your answer using details from the text.
7 .
Address Indian mascots or stereotypes you have encountered in your experience. In what ways might they be viewed as dishonoring Native peoples?
8 .
What roles are tribal communities taking with regard to applied anthropology?
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