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Introduction to Anthropology

Critical Thinking Questions

Introduction to AnthropologyCritical Thinking Questions

1 .
How do people learn to create art and music in modern Western societies? Describe your own experiences becoming enculturated in the American style of creating art and music.
2 .
Pick a favorite image, one that was created specifically as an art object. This might be a painting, a photograph, a depiction of a sculpture, or something similar. Analyze it in an anthropological fashion. Who created it? Why was it created? Who was the audience or market for this object? What message(s) do you perceive when looking at it?
3 .
How far back can you trace the history of your favorite style of music? In your analysis, include instrumentation, rhythms, vocalizations (if any), and sites of performance.
4 .
What role(s) do sports play in your own culture? Address both informal sports (e.g., pickup games between friends) and professional/national teams.
5 .
How would global and racial inclusion in the United States differ without the contributions of art, music, and sports professionals?
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