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Introduction to Anthropology

Critical Thinking Questions

Introduction to AnthropologyCritical Thinking Questions

1 .
What is religion, and why do you think it is universal across cultures?
2 .
What is the role of religion in your life and the life of your family? Consider differences in gender, age, and generation. Has your own relationship with religion changed over your life?
3 .
Compare and contrast shamanism with more institutionalized religions, identifying elements they have in common and the ways in which they are different.
4 .
What is the significance of symbolism in religion?
5 .
Describe the attributes or characteristics of a religious place.
6 .
How do anthropologists approach the study of religious myths?
7 .
How do religious rituals strengthen a society?
8 .
What differences would you expect to find between communities in which there are diverse religious traditions and utopian religious communities?
9 .
What examples of secular religion do you encounter every day?
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