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Discussion Questions

EntrepreneurshipDiscussion Questions


How can ethics-based concepts such as truthfulness and fairness be integrated into the fabric of the organization?


How can we nurture an environment where each member of the organization develops and internalizes a moral compass?


Evaluate how an entrepreneurial business startup might benefit from the enforcement of antitrust laws against a large competitor.


Discuss ways in which intellectual property, such as trademarks, can add value to a small business. How would you protect your ability to monetize intellectual property?


In this section of the chapter, there is an example of a customer data breach via computer hacking. Discuss the biggest risks of storing customer or company information online. What are some of the steps you would take to prevent a data breach?


Can a social enterprise work on a social issue and at the same time be profitable?


How will you ensure that your organization learns to develop and deliver products and services that reduces your carbon footprint?


Referring to Table 3.3 listing cases of corporate fraud, which company example do you think is one of the worst examples of unethical conduct? Is this because it involved the most money stolen, the most people cheated, or the most devious methods?


If an entrepreneur values sustainability and environmental awareness, does that mean the bottom line will suffer? Alternatively, is there a way to protect the environment and still make a profit?


You have learned about B-corporations. If you started a new business, would you commit to the rather stringent audit process necessary to become a B-corporation? Why or why not?


How can an entrepreneur maximize the benefits of a diverse workforce to develop a competitive advantage?


How can you combat the negative impact of biases and prejudices in your organization?


What would you do, as an entrepreneur, to make your employees feel you value their input and that they are free to speak honestly?


Explain why diversity is something that should matter to an owner. What would you do to try to achieve it?


Some small entrepreneurs do not have the budget for a full-fledged human resources department; however, that makes compliance with employment laws challenging. What steps would you take to comply with federal and state employment law if you do not have a full-time attorney or human resources specialist on staff?

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