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Case Questions

EntrepreneurshipCase Questions


Review the information on YouTube in this section of the chapter and conduct your own research. What evidence is there that beginning with the end in mind was part of YouTube’s founders original plan?


Review the LuminAid story. Why did Sreshta and Stork focus on light as their business idea instead of a focus on other areas needed by survivors of a natural disaster?


Refer to Stacy Madison’s food cart story. What was the most important insight you gained from reading about Stacy’s food cart business?


Everlane started as an online clothing store focused on ethical business practices. Part of their commitment to ethical practices includes regular visits to their factories to ensure people receive fair wages and work reasonable hours, addressing environmental concerns, and being transparent in decisions and transactions, such as disclosing the cost to produce an article of clothing. With $100 million in revenue in 2016 and over 44,000 people on the waiting list for a new line of denim available this September 2018, Everlane is shaking up the fashion industry. If your new venture faced this type of competition, what actions would you take? Consider if you would adopt this same transparency strategy, become more involved in the supply chain to determine how clothing factory workers were treated at your offshore factories owned by other entities, increase brand name marketing to support the profit markup on your clothing, or some other action? What process would you use to make these decisions?

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