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Suggested Resources

EntrepreneurshipSuggested Resources

10.1 Launching the Imperfect Business: Lean Startup

Lean startup:

Toyota’s Way:

14 Management Principles of Toyota:

Innovation accounting video:

10.2 Why Early Failure Can Lead to Success Later

Global Entrepreneurship Monitor:

10.3 The Challenging Truth about Business Ownership

Asian American Chamber of Commerce:

Black Chamber of Commerce:

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce:

Ladies Who Launch:

Minority Business Development Agency:

National Association of Professional Women:

National Association for Women Owners:

Small Business Agency:

The Female Entrepreneur Association:

Women’s Business Center at SBA:

Women’s Business Enterprise National Council:

10.4 Managing, Following, and Adjusting the Initial Plan

Tim Berry’s Lean Business Planning Guide:

10.5 Growth: Signs, Pains, and Cautions

International Franchise Association:

US Small Business Administration Licenses and Permits:

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