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Discussion Questions

EntrepreneurshipDiscussion Questions


Find an example of a video of a lean pitch online. What, in your opinion, makes it successful?


Find a company that has made a pivot and explain why the pivot worked.


If you were starting a business and had to create an MVP, what would that MVP be?


Are there any downsides to the lean startup method? If so, what might they be and what sorts of products or companies might fall prey to them?


If you were conducting a lean pitch to investors, which steps of the pitch would you find most difficult and why?


Discuss how you could identify and manage your fears as you start your own business.


What strategies do you think can help women overcome their fear of failure? Relate your answers, if applicable, to a woman you know who has such fear and describe strategies she uses to overcome it.


Discuss how minorities and women can use resources and strategies to deal with their additional challenges as entrepreneurs.


Pick three cons of business ownership and strategize how to turn them into pros.


Now choose three of the pros of business ownership and consider whether any of them could be cons in certain situations.


Discuss how a lean plan allows you the flexibility to change course if something is not working for your business.


Discuss the differences between making changes to a product for growth and creating a new product from scratch.

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