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Chapter Test

1 .
A student consumed 10 cans of their favorite soda last week. If each can contained 39 g of sugar, how many milligrams of sugar did they consume?
2 .
An athlete ran a total distance of 154 km in one month while training for a 5K fun run. How many meters did they run?
3 .
A doctor recommends their patient drinks 5 liters of water on days of vigorous exercise. If the patient drinks 3,400 mL, how much more do they need to drink?
4 .
A garden walkway has the dimensions shown. How many square meters of brick are needed to cover the walkway?
A ten-sided polygon. The sides measure 10 meters, 3 meters, 3 meters, 8 meters, 7 meters, 3 meters, 10 meters, 11 meters, 3 meters, and 3 meters.
5 .
A studio apartment has a length of 1,200 cm and a width that one half of the length. What is the area of the apartment in meters?
6 .
A living room is 7 m long and 8 m wide. Carpet costs $9.50 per square meter. How much will it cost to carpet the room?
7 .
Arif mixed two cartons of orange juice that each contain 600 cL, two bottles of cranberry juice that each contain 1,250 mL, and one 2-liter bottle of soda water to make punch for a party. How much punch, in liters, did Arif make?
8 .
A fish tank has the dimensions 40 cm × 20 cm × 25 cm . What is the capacity of the fish tank in liters?
9 .
A recipe for chili makes 5.4 L of chili. If a restaurant serves chili in 300 mL bowls, how many bowls of chili can they serve?
10 .
If a person weighs 76 kg but loses 3 kilograms, how much does the person weigh in grams?
11 .
A car weighs approximately 2 metric tons (mt). If a used car dealer has 222,000 kg of cars in their lot, how many cars are in the lot?
12 .
A restaurant has 126 kg of rice. If each serving contains 125 g, how many servings will they make?
13 .
A boiling pan of water is 212 °F. As the water cools the temperature drops 12 °C every 3 minutes. How many minutes until the temperature of the water reaches 28 °C?
14 .
On May 1 the temperature was 75 °F. On June 1 the temperature was 28 °C. Which day was warmer?
15 .
For each log placed on a fire, the temperature increases 45 °C. How many logs are needed for the campfire to increase 315 °C?
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