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Chapter Test

Decide whether randomization is being used in the selection of these samples. If it is, identify the type of random sample (simple, systematic, cluster, or stratified).

1 .
A vinyl record dealer is trying to price a large collection she’s thinking of buying. She looks at every tenth record on the shelf and notes the value.
2 .
A court clerk is charged with identifying one hundred people for a jury pool for upcoming legal hearings. He has an alphabetized list of registered voters in his jurisdiction, so he uses a random number generator to pick one hundred names from the list.
3 .
A state agricultural officer is worried about the spread of a parasitic disease among cattle. He chooses 30 cattle farms at random and tests each cow on those 30 farms for the disease.
4 .
A sample of donations to a blood bank contained these blood types:

Create a frequency distribution for these data.

5 .
Create a bar chart without technology to visualize the data in question 4.
6 .
Use the data in “MBB2019” to create a histogram of the number of total rebounds by each team (TRB).
7 .
The table below shows the number of players on the rosters of each English Premier League team. Find the mode, median, and mean without technology.
Team Active Players Team Active Players
Manchester United F.C. 27 Newcastle United F.C. 28
Manchester City F.C. 24 Aston Villa F.C. 24
Chelsea F.C. 25 Fulham F.C. 27
Arsenal F.C. 28 Southampton F.C. 24
Tottenham Hotspur F.C. 27 Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. 22
Liverpool F.C. 30 Brighton & Hove Albion 31
Crystal Palace 29 Burnley F.C. 22
Everton F.C. 23 West Bromwich Albion F.C. 26
Leicester City 25 Leeds United F.C. 25
West Ham United F.C. 24 Sheffield United F.C. 27
Table 8.14 (source:
8 .
Using the data in “MBB2019”, find the mean, median, and mode of the total number of rebounds made by each team (TRB).
9 .
Using the data in “MBB2019”, find the range and standard deviation of the total number of rebounds made by each team (TRB).

Use the data in “MBB2019” to answer the following:

10 .
What number of total rebounds (TRB) is at the 3rd quartile?
11 .
At what percentile is the University of Evansville, which had 1095 total rebounds?

Answer the following about data that are distributed normally with mean 50 and standard deviation 5:

12 .
What proportion of the data are between 35 and 65?
13 .
What’s the standardized score of the data value 37?
14 .
At what percentile would the data value 58 fall?
15 .
What data value would be at the 40th percentile?

Use the data in “MBB2019” to answer the following:

16 .
What is the standardized score for the number of total rebounds (TRB) recorded by Mississippi State University (TRB = 1215)?
17 .
At what percentile would we estimate Mississippi State’s TRB value fall, using the normal distribution?
18 .
At what percentile does Mississippi State’s TRB value actually fall?

Use the data in “NBA2019” to answer the following:

19 .
What is the correlation coefficient between the number of two-point field goals made per game (2P) and number of points scored per game (PTS)?
20 .
What is the equation of the regression line we would use to predict PTS from 2P?
21 .
Write a sentence to interpret the slope of the regression line.
22 .
Predict the number of points per game for a player who makes 6 two-point field goals per game.
23 .
J.J. Redick made 2.8 field goals per game, and averaged 18.1 points per game. Did he score more or fewer points per game than expected? By how much?
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