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Logic Gates

Logic gates are the basis for all digital circuits.

  1. Research and document the following terms: logic gate, OR gate, AND gate, and NOT gate.
  2. Construct a diagram of a NAND gate, NOR gate, and a XOR gate by using at least two of the following gates: AND, OR, and NOT.
  3. Digital electronics use a 1 for true or on, and a 0 for false or off. Create a truth table documenting all possible cases using 0s and 1s for the NAND gate, NOR gate and XOR gate.
  4. Use a truth table to explain how XOR is related to the biconditional statement.

Logical Fallacies

Fallacies are false or deceptive logical arguments.

  1. Research and document the structure of five of the following named fallacies: hasty generalization, limited choice, false cause, appeal to popularity, appeal to emotion, appeal to authority, personal attack, gamblers' ruin, slippery slope, and circular reasoning.
  2. Create a presentation highlighting one of the five fallacies researched in the previous question. The presentation must include an introductory slide with the title of the fallacy and the form or structure of the argument. The second slide must include an example of this fallacy as used in a commercial, a political cartoon or a current event or new article. The third slide must include an explanation of why the example on slide to is a representative example of the fallacy. The last slide must include citations for any materials used. No textbooks should be used as reference.

Careers in Logic

Lawyers, mathematicians, and computer programmers are a few of the careers that require knowledge of logic.

  1. What career are you interested in? Research how knowledge of logic applies to your chosen field of study. Then, write a cover letter for a position in your field you'd like to apply to. In the cover letter, include how your knowledge of logic qualifies you for the position you are applying for. If you do not think logic is important for your given career choice, find a position where logic is an essential element of the position and complete the project by pretending you are writing a cover letter for that job.
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