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College Algebra 2e

Introduction to Equations and Inequalities

College Algebra 2eIntroduction to Equations and Inequalities

An aerial view of more than twenty circular crop fields of different sizes. Their varying colors indicate different crops or growing patterns.
From the air, a landscape of circular crop fields may seem random, but they are laid out and irrigated very precisely. Farmers and irrigation providers combining agricultural science, engineering, and mathematics to achieve the most productive and efficient array. (Credit: Modification of "Aerial Phot of Center Pivot Irrigations Systems (1)" by Soil Science/flickr)

Irrigation is a critical aspect of agriculture, which can expand the yield of farms and enable farming in areas not naturally viable for crops. But the materials, equipment, and the water itself are expensive and complex. To be efficient and productive, farm owners and irrigation specialists must carefully lay out the network of pipes, pumps, and related equipment. The available land can be divided into regular portions (similar to a grid), and the different sizes of irrigation systems and conduits can be installed within the plotted area.

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