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Clinical Nursing Skills

Competency-Based Assessments

Clinical Nursing SkillsCompetency-Based Assessments

Competency-Based Assessments

1 .
A patient who has had surgical repair of a tibial fracture states, “My leg hurts more now than it did before the pain medicine!” The nurse assesses the leg; what assessment finding further supports the possibility of compartment syndrome?
  1. The leg is warmer than the nonsurgical leg.
  2. The nurse can easily feel pulses on the surgical foot.
  3. The stapled incision is well approximated.
  4. The lower leg is cooler than the upper leg.
2 .
A nurse explains to a patient that crepitus in the knee when kneeling or squatting is of concern if accompanied by what symptom?
  1. grinding in the knee
  2. pain in the knee
  3. redness of the knee
  4. limited knee ROM
3 .
Assess another person’s feet for pes planus.
4 .
A patient seeks care for a painful right wrist that is described by burning pain with intermittent numbness and tingling. The patient is frustrated by dropping items when trying to carry them. The nurse suspects what diagnosis?
  1. trigger finger
  2. osteoarthritis
  3. carpal tunnel syndrome
  4. rheumatoid arthritis

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