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Clinical Nursing Skills

What Should the Nurse Do?

Clinical Nursing SkillsWhat Should the Nurse Do?

What Should the Nurse Do?

Mr. Jensen presents to the emergency department after being unable to “catch my breath” after mowing the lawn. His medical history includes asthma, COPD, and a previous heart attack. He mentions that he had a cold last week that he cannot seem to get rid of.
1 .
What follow-up questions would the nurse ask to obtain subjective data?
2 .
What assessments would the nurse perform to obtain objective data?
3 .
What would the nurse suspect is going on with the patient based on the provided information?
Mr. Smith is being seen in the clinic for a checkup. During the health history, he admits to smoking a pack of cigarettes daily for the last fifteen years.
4 .
What additional information should the nurse obtain from the patient at this point in the assessment?
5 .
What should the nurse assess for during the physical assessment of this patient?
6 .
What abnormal findings might the nurse anticipate during the assessment based on the patient’s history?

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