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Clinical Nursing Skills

Reflection Questions

Clinical Nursing SkillsReflection Questions

Reflection Questions

1 .
The nurse overhears another nurse interviewing a patient during an assessment ask, “You don’t drink too much alcohol, do you?” What should the nurse do?
2 .
The patient is due for a dose of midodrine (ProAmatine), a vasoconstricting medication to treat a patient’s orthostatic hypotension. As nurse is entering the patient’s room to assess their blood pressure before administering the medication, the unlicensed unit assistant states, “I just took his blood pressure; it is 114/68 mm Hg.” How should the nurse respond?
3 .
The nurse is caring for a patient and notices the patient is sweating a lot, requiring frequent linen changes. The patient also had a high fever earlier in the shift. The nurse also notes that the patient has a positive fluid balance of 200 mL at the end of the shift. What should the nurse consider related to the patient’s fluid balance?
4 .
If a patient is receiving medications through his PIC but he refuses to have the PIC changed because “it works fine,” what options does the nurse consider?
5 .
It is well known that IUCs cause CAUTIs, so why is it acceptable to use IUCs at the end of life?

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