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Clinical Nursing Skills

Competency-Based Assessments

Clinical Nursing SkillsCompetency-Based Assessments

Competency-Based Assessments

1 .
A nurse is caring for a patient awaiting cardiac catheterization who had 9/10 chest pain, reduced to 4/10 on a nitroglycerin IV drip. Which patient assessment findings should the nurse consider to determine whether to increase the rate of nitroglycerin? Select all that apply.
  1. temperature
  2. BP
  3. HR
  4. pain scale
  5. respiratory rate
2 .
The new graduate nurse prepares to place leads for continuous three-lead cardiac telemetry monitoring: in addition to the ground, at which locations should leads be placed?
  1. right arm and both legs
  2. both arms and left leg
  3. left and right second intercostal space
  4. xiphoid process and left arm
3 .
Review the competency checklists for this chapter and have a peer or instructor assess your performance of the tasks. You can find the checklists on the Student resources tab of your book page on

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