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allergic reaction
immune system response to a drug
a rare, life-threatening reaction to a drug
apothecary system
utilizes fractions as a part of the whole to measure weights and volumes
computerized provider order entry (CPOE)
provider submits patient orders by electronic means
dimensional analysis
factor-label method for solving dosage calculations
drug interaction
when a drug reacts with another drug, food, supplement, or medical condition
electronic medication administration record (eMAR)
electronic version of a MAR
formula method
divides the desired amount by the amount on hand, then multiplies it by the quantity on hand to determine the dose
household system
utilizes everyday household items, such as measuring cups and tablespoons, to serve as the measuring device
medication administration record (MAR)
used to document medication administration
metric system
decimal-based system based on units of 10
one-time order
medication to be administered just one time
paradoxical effect
effect of a drug is opposite from the intended effect
movement of drug molecules within the body based on how the drug is distributed, metabolized, absorbed, or excreted
as needed
comparison of one quantity to another, often described as a division problem
ratio proportion method
sets the known ratio of drug amount to quantity equal to the desired amount to the unknown quantity
routine order
medication order that is continuously followed until canceled
side effect
undesirable effect related to a drug that is predictable
standing order
standardized order that may be implemented under certain circumstances
urgent, immediate action required
systems of measurement
collections of measurement units and how they are associated with one another
a built-up resistance of the body to a medication
degree to which a drug can be poisonous or harmful to the body

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