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Business Law I Essentials

Assessment Questions

Business Law I EssentialsAssessment Questions


Define unfair trade practices.


All of the following are considered unfair trade practices except:

  1. Targeting vulnerable populations.
  2. Charging extremely high prices.
  3. False advertising.
  4. False representation of a good or service.

What is a bait and switch?


Describe the role of the Federal Trade Commission.


The following are examples of a company giving misleading price information except:

  1. Advertising “Limited Time Offer” when the offer is available forever.
  2. Advertising “Going Out of Business” when the company plans to stay in business.
  3. Advertising the product as “New” when the product is more than 6 months old.
  4. Advertising “Buy One, Get One” without informing consumers that they must buy another product or service to get the deal.
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