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Business Ethics

Assessment Questions

Business EthicsAssessment Questions


Which of these concepts relates to utilitarianism?

  1. consequences
  2. actions
  3. character
  4. duty

True or false? According to the Greek system of logic introduced by Socrates, normative ethical theories ultimately are grounded in reason.


Explain why ethical responsibilities go beyond legal compliance.


Describe the difference between normative and descriptive ethical theories.


Which of the following is not a stakeholder?

  1. the media
  2. corporate culture
  3. the environment
  4. customers

True or false? According to Milton Friedman, a company’s social responsibility consists solely of bettering the welfare of society.


What is corporate social responsibility (CSR)?


Describe a practical way to prioritize the claims of stakeholders.


Describe how a company’s ethical business practices affect its goodwill.


True or false? Family is generally a strong influence on our ethical standards.


Which normative ethical theory supports the idea of holding multiple ethical standards?

  1. deontology
  2. utilitarianism
  3. virtue ethics
  4. none of the above

Describe the benefits of having a single ethical standard.

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