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Critical Thinking Questions

BiologyCritical Thinking Questions


What type of meristem is found only in monocots, such as lawn grasses? Explain how this type of meristematic tissue is beneficial in lawn grasses that are mowed each week.


Which plant part is responsible for transporting water, minerals, and sugars to different parts of the plant? Name the two types of tissue that make up this overall tissue, and explain the role of each.


Describe the roles played by stomata and guard cells. What would happen to a plant if these cells did not function correctly?


Compare the structure and function of xylem to that of phloem.


Explain the role of the cork cambium in woody plants.


What is the function of lenticels?


Besides the age of a tree, what additional information can annual rings reveal?


Give two examples of modified stems and explain how each example benefits the plant.


Compare a tap root system with a fibrous root system. For each type, name a plant that provides a food in the human diet. Which type of root system is found in monocots? Which type of root system is found in dicots?


What might happen to a root if the pericycle disappeared?


How do dicots differ from monocots in terms of leaf structure?


Describe an example of a plant with leaves that are adapted to cold temperatures.


The process of bulk flow transports fluids in a plant. Describe the two main bulk flow processes.


Owners and managers of plant nurseries have to plan lighting schedules for a long-day plant that will flower in February. What lighting periods will be most effective? What color of light should be chosen?


What are the major benefits of gravitropism for a germinating seedling?


Fruit and vegetable storage facilities are usually refrigerated and well ventilated. Why are these conditions advantageous?


Stomata close in response to bacterial infection. Why is this response a mechanism of defense for the plant? Which hormone is most likely to mediate this response?

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