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Anatomy and Physiology

Critical Thinking Questions

Anatomy and PhysiologyCritical Thinking Questions


Define the two divisions of the skeleton.


Discuss the functions of the axial skeleton.


Define and list the bones that form the brain case or support the facial structures.


Identify the major sutures of the skull, their locations, and the bones united by each.


Describe the anterior, middle, and posterior cranial fossae and their boundaries, and give the midline structure that divides each into right and left areas.


Describe the parts of the nasal septum in both the dry and living skull.


Describe the vertebral column and define each region.


Describe a typical vertebra.


Describe the sacrum.


Describe the structure and function of an intervertebral disc.


Define the ligaments of the vertebral column.


Define the parts and functions of the thoracic cage.


Describe the parts of the sternum.


Discuss the parts of a typical rib.


Define the classes of ribs.


Discuss the processes by which the brain-case bones of the skull are formed and grow during skull enlargement.


Discuss the process that gives rise to the base and facial bones of the skull.


Discuss the development of the vertebrae, ribs, and sternum.

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