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What are male gametes called?

  1. ova
  2. sperm
  3. testes
  4. testosterone

Leydig cells ________.

  1. secrete testosterone
  2. activate the sperm flagellum
  3. support spermatogenesis
  4. secrete seminal fluid

Which hypothalamic hormone contributes to the regulation of the male reproductive system?

  1. luteinizing hormone
  2. gonadotropin-releasing hormone
  3. follicle-stimulating hormone
  4. androgens

What is the function of the epididymis?

  1. sperm maturation and storage
  2. produces the bulk of seminal fluid
  3. provides nitric oxide needed for erections
  4. spermatogenesis

Spermatogenesis takes place in the ________.

  1. prostate gland
  2. glans penis
  3. seminiferous tubules
  4. ejaculatory duct

What are the female gonads called?

  1. oocytes
  2. ova
  3. oviducts
  4. ovaries

When do the oogonia undergo mitosis?

  1. before birth
  2. at puberty
  3. at the beginning of each menstrual cycle
  4. during fertilization

From what structure does the corpus luteum originate?

  1. uterine corpus
  2. dominant follicle
  3. fallopian tube
  4. corpus albicans

Where does fertilization of the egg by the sperm typically occur?

  1. vagina
  2. uterus
  3. uterine tube
  4. ovary

Why do estrogen levels fall after menopause?

  1. The ovaries degrade.
  2. There are no follicles left to produce estrogen.
  3. The pituitary secretes a menopause-specific hormone.
  4. The cells of the endometrium degenerate.

The vulva includes the ________.

  1. lactiferous duct, rugae, and hymen
  2. lactiferous duct, endometrium, and bulbourethral glands
  3. mons pubis, endometrium, and hymen
  4. mons pubis, labia majora, and Bartholin’s glands

What controls whether an embryo will develop testes or ovaries?

  1. pituitary gland
  2. hypothalamus
  3. Y chromosome
  4. presence or absence of estrogen

Without SRY expression, an embryo will develop ________.

  1. male reproductive structures
  2. female reproductive structures
  3. no reproductive structures
  4. male reproductive structures 50 percent of the time and female reproductive structures 50 percent of the time

The timing of puberty can be influenced by which of the following?

  1. genes
  2. stress
  3. amount of body fat
  4. all of the above
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